Diaries of a Hungry Yogi

Bend like a pretzel. Namaste.

Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go.

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I want to start my real first post with talking about breathing. Breathing is  one of the things our body does naturally that we need to continue living, and yet it’s also something that we can control. Knowing certain breathing exercises that help you learn to control the rhythms of your breaths, can be greatly beneficial with reducing the amount of anxiety one may be experiencing .http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/pranayam.html This is a great site i quickly found, to read up on the yoga breathing exercises to really help naturally align the emotions you are feeling. Or just google breathing exercises, plain and simple! Find what works best for you.

So in preparation for my twin nephews 1st birthday party this weekend, I had a lot of chores to do around the house. My kitchen is finally almost finished being redone =] (except paint), but I needed to do some organizing. All of this has been on my back to get done… essentially because my mother has been on my back about cleaning up my rooms. So basically I’ve been stressed about this and finally got it all done today. Now I can breathe a little better, especially because i brought in over 20 plants that I had outside for the summer. Having plants around your house is a great way to create air that is more fresh for you to breathe. Plants are fun! succulents are easy to take care of and have interesting significant meanings. Like the jade plants that stands for a lucky plant, money tree and friendship tree. These are great gifts because they start out small and can end up growing over 2 feet tall. Your local homedepot has all that you need to start having some cool plants in your house that can benefit your overall health and mindfulness. Have fun with your plants and never give up if you think it is dying, don’t over water, and plenty of sunlight. Plants have an interesting and beautiful way of growing in weird ways, and creating a form of happiness and fulfillment that you may have not felt that sensation before.

Breathe in the good stuff, and exhale the bad stuff.


Author: diariesofahungryyogi

I once was a chubby little girl. I love to travel and learn new things. I love to challenge myself, whether it is with cooking or new yoga poses I am always working towards something new. Keeping active goals will keep you active in your daily life. So stay tuned!!! lots of lifestyle tips and challenges coming your way! Namaste

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  1. I like the sound of your blog, looking forward to reading it 😊

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